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The inclinometer


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The inclinometer

The inclinometer type "Planet" is designed to measure the list of the ship.

The inclinometer can be applied on the ships of any class and navigation area.

The inclinometer is made by us and you will be able to buy the inclinometer  without effort from us.

The manufacturer guarantees the inclinometer requirements of the specification in compliance with the customer requirements of passport data.

The guaranteed shelf life of the inclinometer  according to the current version of GOST 27.002-2009 and GOST 25866-83 reachs 5 years from the date of production.

The warranty period of use of the inclinometer  to destination in climatic conditions of OM.1 in accordance with GOST 15150-69 at air temperature from minus 30 °C to +65 °C – 1 year within city.

The inclinometer is designed to measure the list angle of the ship.The work of the inclinometer  is based on the principle of a plumb. The device consists of the arrow index which is freely moving in the cross plane of the vessel and the graduated sector scale. At the shooter's trim by gravity keeps vertical position, showing "an angular deviation" of a scale on a nose or a stern. The device installation site is the running cabin.

- The overall dimensions were not exceeding 280x207x42 mm.

- The scale range is 50-0-50 °.

- The price scale divisions is 1 °.

- The range of list angle measurement is +/- 40°.

- The mass is not more than 0,43 kg.


Before using set on a ship the inclinometer in such a way that the arrow products showed a value of 0.

The inclinometer  keeps the properties at influence of the external environment during the service life and is resistant:


- to rotting, corrosion and influence of sea water, oil or fungi;


- to impact of vibration and conditions of storm weather;


- to influence of sunshine.


The inclinometer  doesn't sustain combustion.

Complete set of delivery

In the package of delivery are included the next items:


- the inclinometer  with a label;


- the copy of the passport of party on one delivery (on request);

- the copy of the certificate RS on the party for one delivery (in the presence).


Service life

The inclinometer ’s service life in accordance with GOST 27.002-2009 and GOST 25866-83 - 5 years.




1. The marking has to be applied on the label on a self-adhesive basis attached to the case of the inclinometer .

2. On a label the following details have to be put:


- trademark, name, phone, state accessory of manufacturer;

- number of technical conditions;

- name of a product;

- number of party;

- date of production;

- service life expiration date;

- stamp of the quality department;

- mass of the inclinometer .


Safety requirements and environmental protections.


1. The using of the inclinometer  don’t require the special security measures.


2. The using is explosion-proof, fireproof, radiation proof, electrical proof, chemical proof.


3. The operation doesn't exert impact on environment:


-          there is no chemical, electromagnetic, thermal and biological influences;


-          toxic, polluting, fire and explosive substances aren't formed.


4. It is necessary to protect the inclinometer  from hit of fuels and lubricants and chemically dangerous substances.

5. The utilization is made by the user according to the Federal Law No. 89 F3 "About production wastes and consumption" taking into account regional norms and rules.

Operating instructions

1. Content of entrance control:

1.1. The need of the entrance control and the quantity of the inclinometers which are the subject of the entrance the control is defined by the customer (consumer).

1.2 . The visual inspection should be given.

The content of the external inspection. Check: the compliance with the set passport of the product; the presence of labels; no signs of the critical state - cracks on the body product, cracks or lack of a glass.

5.3 . The exploitation of the inclinometer with the signs of the critical state is forbidden.

2. Survey

2.1. The survey of the product is carried out:

· before the installation on the vessel;

· in a 1 year from the moment of installation on the vessel and further in a year within the service life.

2.2. The survey of the inclinometer  is carried out in the volume of the entrance control.

2.3. The results are recorded in table №1 in inclinometer passport.

3. The inclinometer  isn't the subject to repair.

4. Using of the inclinometer  to destination.


4.1. The using of the inclinometer not for the intended purpose is FORBIDDEN.


4.2. Make survey of the inclinometer.


4.3. Set on a ship the inclinometer in such a way that the arrow products showed a value of 0.


4.4. The inclinometer  is ready to use to destination.

5. Transportation and storage.

5.1. The inclinometer  in packing of the manufacturer is allowed to transport any kind of transport without restriction of the distance and the speed of the movement.


5.2. The climatic conditions of transportation and the storage is 2(C) according to the current version of GOST 15150-69 (not heated storage) from - 30 °C to + 65 °C.

6. The inclinometer  isn't the subject to conservation.

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