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Еmergency equipment

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Главная Еmergency equipment ​Lifejacket light

​Lifejacket light


В наличии
​Lifejacket light

Lifejacket and immersion suit (designed to be worn without the lifejacket), TR (ТУ)  6417-022-50056342-2000, “Planeta” type, light is designated for indication of a location of the person wearing a lifejacket or a immersion suit on the water.

Price 4.5 €

This is the first light in the world with LED lighting. We were the first to manufacture it in 2006.

The advantages of our product

The light is equipped with the electronic water sensor and is turned on when it is immersed in water; it is not equipped with a switch. This is a very important advantage, as 1974 SOLAS Convention requires the lifejacket to turn into supine position within 5 seconds after immersion of an unconscious person in water. It is impossible to turn the light on manually in an unconscious state. That is why to purchase our search light means not only to meet 1974 SOLAS Convention requirements but it also means the actual actions for the rescue of the drowning person.

The light is splashproof - it will not work in case of the accidentally splashes. The bottom of the light has rectangular slots. Therefore the water sensor is triggered only if the light falls directly into the water and it passes through these slots .

The light is a stock item. You can easily buy the lifejacket or immersion suit light from our stock.

The light meets all the requirements of International 1974 SOLAS Convention, International Life-Saving Appliances Code, Technical Regulation on safety of marine transport facilities (approved by the Decree of the RF Government No. 620 dated 12.08.2010), Technical Regulation on safety of inland water transport facilities (approved by the Decree of the RF Government No. 623 dated 12.08.2010), Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, and Rules of the Russian River Register.

Warranty period for expected intended use of the product in accordance with the effective edition of GOST 25866-83 is 6 years within the service life.


  • Product weight is not more than 220 g.
  • Electric conduit length is 0.2 to 0.4 m.
  • Lighting time is 8 hours, white colour, minimum candle power is 0.75 candelas;
  • Light source is a LED;

The light reliably operates when the person wearing the personal floating device jumps from the height of 4.5 m.

Lifejacket and immersion suit light consists of the power supply and the lighting block.

The product is resistant to:

  • Bacterial decay, corrosion and sea water, oil or fungus;
  • Vibration and stormy weather conditions;
  • Sunlight exposure.

The light does not support combustion, is waterproof and does not turn off in water.

Delivery package:

Delivery package contains:

  • Light;
  • Copy of the Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping or copy of the Certificate of the Russian River Register.

Service life:

Service life is 6 years.


1.1.      Marking must be made on the label attached to the body of the search light.

1.2.      The label contains:

  • Trademark, title, telephone, state affiliation of the manufacturer;
  • Product name;
  • TR (ТУ) data number;
  • Number of Class Approval Certificate issued by the Registry of Shipping;
  • Number of Class Approval Certificate issued by the Russian River Register;
  • Batch number;
  • Date of manufacture;
  • Expiration date;
  • QC stamp;
  • Product weight.

Safety and environmental control requirements.

1. No special safety measures are required when using the light.

2. The product is fireproof, explosion-proof, radiation-proof, electric-proof and chemically-proof during operation.

3. No environmental impact during operation

  • No chemical, electromagnetic, thermal or biological impact;
  • No toxic, contaminating, fire or explosion hazardous substances are formed.

4. Disposal of the product shall be carried out by the customer in accordance with the Federal Law No. 89 FZ “On Industrial and Consumer Waste” taking into consideration regional norms and rules.

Operation instructions.

1. Acceptance control contains:

1.1. The necessity of the acceptance control and the number of products subject to the acceptance control are determined by the consumer.

1.2. Visual inspection shall be carried out.

1.3. Product visual inspection contains:

  • Label on the product shall be checked;
  • Delivery package shall comply with the product certificate;
  • No signs of the limit state shall be present.

1.4. Signs of the limit state:

  • Cracks on the power supply body or on the light source;
  • Cuts on the electric fittings.

1.5. Product functional capability shall be checked by means of turning it on for 10 seconds.

1.6. Absence of the security tape indicates the beginning of the product intended usage expectation.

1.7. Absence of the security tape on the button indicates the beginning of the product intended usage.

1.8. The use of the light with the signs of the limit or inoperable state is FORBIDDEN.

2. Inspection.

2.1. Product inspection shall be carried out:

At least once per year in case of expectance of the intended usage as a part of lifejacket or drysuit;

Before installation to lifejacket or drysuit.

2.2. Product inspection shall be carried out within the acceptance control.

2.3. The results shall be recorded into the table in the product certificate.

3. Repair. The light is not subject to repairs.

4. Intended usage of the product.

4.1. Product misuse is FORBIDDEN.

4.2. Operational principle of the light is based on automatic switching of the power supply at immersion into water or its forced switching on by the switch with the light source lighting.

4.3. The product shall be installed into lifejacket or drysuit.

4.4. The product is ready for the intended usage.

4.5. The light shall be used by one person.

4.6. Conditions of intended use of the product: at -1°С to +30 °С water temperature.

4.7. Climatic conditions of the expected intended usage: ОМ.1 in accordance with GOST 15150-69, at - 30°С to +65°С air temperature.

5. Transportation and storage.

5.1. The light packed in the manufacturer’s package may be transported by any means of transport without distance and travel speed limits.

5.2. Climatic conditions of the transportation and storage are 2(C) in accordance with the effective edition of GOST 15150–69 (unheated storage room).


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